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Experts in cabin temperature management

With the strength of more than 35 years of experience, SNDC’s R&D teams take a structured approach that takes into consideration the specific parameters for each passenger compartment or cabin. Whether it is a standard HVAC solution or a tailored design, our teams consider a range of factors, including comfort, energy efficiency, interaction with engine heat, cost to produce, reliability and regulatory compliance. Through this approach, SNDC’s design processes strive to develop efficient, optimised and competitive solutions.

Project Definition

Project Definition:

Together, we draft a design specification matching your needs, constraints and regulatory requirements in order to run a feasibility study (thermal balance, simulation, modelling, etc.) and form the basis of a suitable technical (architecture, dimensions, etc.) and sales proposal (target cost).
Design and Development

Design and Development:

Our R&D team will 3D model the proposed HVAC solution in the intended environment to ensure realistic performance and save time. As part of our quality management system, this stage of development will also take into account other factors, such as ease and speed of assembly, accessibility for maintenance operations and constraints with respect to other functions.
Prototyping and Testing

Prototyping and Testing:

SNDC has its very own test centre that makes it possible to reproduce even the most extreme weather conditions. During this essential part of the development phase, our team tests prototypes in their intended configuration to examine how they perform under real usage conditions, fine-tune the design and ensure that the end result meets customer expectations and regulatory demands (performances, usage limits, ageing, etc.).
Pre-production and Production Engineering

Pre-production and Production Engineering:

All of SNDC's production and assembly operations take place at their site in Labarthe-sur Lèze. With automated test rigs for 100% testing and traceability, a continuous improvement philosophy, the application of Lean Manufacturing techniques and a stable work team, SNDC guarantees high-quality products. Starting with pre-production, SNDC's various teams accompany the customer in incorporating their new solution on their own production site (assembly, commissioning, monitoring, etc.).
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