As an equipment supplier to the aeronautics sector, SNDC has collaborated in the design of components (compressors, évaporators, condensers, hoses and rigid lines, fans, blowers, etc.), sub-assemblies (air handling units, stand-alone condensers, etc.) and complete HVAC systems for aircraft.

Air conditioning systems manufacturer

Whether it’s air conditioning, heating, air filtration or air handling, SNDC offers clients a comprehensive range of design (design office, quality control service, etc.), testing (test centre, climatic chamber) and production resources (assembly lines, test benches, lean manufacturing methods, etc.). When developing systems or components (air conditioning, heating, air treatment, etc.) for aeroplanes or helicopters, the SNDC team is able to apply its knowledge and expertise to offer a solution that meets design specifications at target cost, particularly taking into consideration:

  • Standards and specifications;
  • Pilot and passenger comfort;
  • Reliability and longevity;
  • Weight and performance optimisation.
Aeronautics Sector

If you have a specific need to air-condition your cabins, contact our team members who will advise you.


Our air conditioning systems can easily be installed in the cabins of the following aircraft:

  • Refuelling truck
  • Catering Truck
  • Baggage Truck
  • Aircraft tractor

Examples of applications

Kit hélicoptère - secteur aéronautique


As an air conditioning systems manufacturer, we designed a kit that included all the necessary HVAC components for a civil helicopter.
The main constraint was that the final solution needed to be as light as possible. As a result, we opted for aluminium parts to help meet specifications.

Other business sectors

SNDC collaborates in the design of air management solutions for airport vehicle cabins.
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