SNDC designs and manufactures automotive HVAC systems, components, and sub-assemblies, collaborating with numerous vehicle manufacturers (John Deere, Case, Manitou, etc.) to deliver the best air treatment solutions for agricultural machinery.

Air Conditioning Systems Manufacturer

Whether you are looking for a complete plug & play system, components (compressors, evaporators, condensers, hoses, rigid lines, fans, blowers, etc.) or sub-assemblies (air treatment units, stand-alone condensers), SNDC offers clients the benefit of its expertise in design (design studio, quality assurance team), testing (test centre, climatic chamber) and production (assembly lines, test rigs, lean manufacturing techniques, etc.).

Spare Parts Distributor

We are distributors of SANDEN and DENSO compressors, SPAL fan motors and blowers, and we are also able to incorporate multiple different brands according to the needs of your cabin.

Standard and Bespoke Solutions

As well as our standard air conditioning units, we also offer bespoke solutions to ensure that the evaporator and condenser fit perfectly in your vehicle (tractor, combine harvester, grape harvester, etc.).

Consulting and Expertise

We are also able to provide advice regarding air conditioning components and accessories.

SNDC is a manufacturer and supplier of OEM, OES and AM systems* that aim to meet client expectations for high quality, high performance and low cost:

  • Compliance with standards and specifications
  • Guaranteed comfort for drivers and passengers
  • Reliability and longevity
  • Optimum performance

*OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer. *OES: Original Equipment Supplier *AM: Aftermarket

Agricultural Sector

If you have a specific need to air-condition your cabins, contact our team members who will advise you.


Our air conditioning solutions (whether standard or bespoke) can be installed in the cabins of the following agricultural machines:

  • Harvesters
  • Self-propelled Sprayers
  • Balers
  • Toppers
  • Defoliators
  • Silagers
  • Mowers
  • Combine Harvesters
  • Grape Harvesters
  • Round Balers
  • Harvester-diggers
  • Harvester-choppers
  • Tractors

Examples of applications

Toit conditionneur d'air SNDC (breveté)

Self-propelled sprayer

We applied our experience and expertise to design a "Plug & Play" air-conditioning roof, bringing together all HVAC functions (heating, air conditioning, pressurisation, air filtration, ATC, etc.) while fully complying with the EN15695 standard. This patented solution ensures optimal operating conditions in 50% humidity from -10 °C to 43 °C.

Application ALIZE 5

BOURGOIN Combine Harvester

Given the space available in the cabin and the dusty conditions that a combine harvester normally operates in, the ideal solution was to couple the ALIZE 5 stand-alone condenser with the BORA evaporator.
Both units are designed and manufactured by SNDC and provide high performance when used together.

Application ALIZE 8


The combination of the ALIZE 8 stand-alone condenser and the BOREAL evaporator made it possible to add an air conditioning system to this tractor.
The ALIZE 8 is easy to install on the roof of the cabin and includes a filter drier, two fans and a safety pressure switch.
The ALIZE 8 delivers 4 kW of cooling capacity.

Application ALIZE 10

BAURAL Silager

To meet the requirements for this silager, we installed an ALIZE 10 stand-alone condenser coupled with a POLARIS evaporator.
Perfectly suited to tough operating conditions, this air-conditioning solution delivers great performance.
All the tests were carried out in our climate chamber.

secteur app alpha evo

Self-propelled Sprayer (Alpha Evo EVRARD)

This fully glazed cabin requires an air conditioning system to ensure comfort for the operator. As this agricultural machine is used for spraying phytosanitary chemicals, it was imperative that any bespoke solution complied with the EN 15695 standard.
The system consists of different component blocks that are installed between the roof and the ceiling of the cabin. This solution is different from the air conditioning roof presented above.

secteur app aiglon 80

FREMA - AIGLON 80 Detasseler

This high-clearance tractor is used to remove the tassel from the top of corn plants and other cereal crops. For this vehicle, a standard AUTAN 5 system was added to provide air conditioning.
This monoblock air conditioner can be easily adapted to the roofs of all types of cabins and delivers excellent air conditioning performance.

Other business sectors

SNDC is a long-standing equipment manufacturer to the viticulture sector, having supplied air conditioning, heating, pressurisation and air filtration systems for vineyard machinery for more than 35 years.
SNDC offers a wide range of both standard and custom air conditioning solutions for forestry vehicles to meet our clients' exact requirements.
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