SNDC’s design teams have collaborated with numerous manufacturers in the forestry industry, providing solutions that comply with comfort standards (ISO 10263, ISO 14269).

Bespoke Air Condition Solutions

To meet these demands, SNDC offers clients a range of design (design studio, quality department, etc.), testing (test centre, climatic chamber, etc.) and production resources (assembly lines, test benches and lean manufacturing techniques) to develop the most appropriate solution.

SNDC solutions can be adapted to the toughest working environments (vibrations, humidity, dust, etc.), whether they are complete HVAC systems (air conditioning, heating, ventilation, pressurisation, air distribution and filtration), sub-assemblies (air treatment units or stand-alone condensers) or components (compressors, evaporators, condensers, hoses and rigid lines, fans, blowers, etc.).

SNDC offers innovative solutions for cabins on forwarders, skidders or harvesting heads.

SNDC is a certified organisation that delivers optimum solutions to target cost:

  • Compliance with standards and specifications
  • Guaranteed comfort, ergonomics and airflow
  • Reliability and longevity
  • Optimum performance
Forestry Sector

If you have a specific need to air-condition your cabins, contact our team members who will advise you.


Our air conditioning solutions (both standard and bespoke) can be installed in the cabins of the following forestry machines:

  • Forestry Heads
  • Skidders
  • Forwarders

Examples of applications

Unité HVAC sous plancher

JOHN DEERE Forwarder

This forwarder is designed for operations in very humid environments which can lead to significant pressure losses in the air conditioning system. To address this issue, our design office developed a high-performance solution to maintain optimum cabin conditions.
We also needed to design a solution that was watertight around rotating structures as the air conditioning system is located directly under the cabin in humid conditions that are often very muddy.

secteur app sf 28 sogedep

SOGEDEP SF28 Forwarder

On this project, the issue was not a lack of space in the cabin but the seat for the operator. In this cabin, the seat rotates to facilitate work with the crane arm. This meant that the operator needed to still benefit from the air conditioning system regardless of which direction they were facing in the cabin.
As a result, our design office developed a solution that maximised air distribution and included the option to close front and back blowers to adapt to the operators seat position.

Other business sectors

SNDC is a long-standing equipment manufacturer to the agriculture sector, having supplied air conditioning, heating, pressurisation and air filtration systems for agricultural machinery for more than 35 years.
SNDC is a long-standing equipment manufacturer to the viticulture sector, having supplied air conditioning, heating, pressurisation and air filtration systems for vineyard machinery for more than 35 years.
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