For more than 30 years, SNDC has been a distributor for SANDEN, a world leader in automotive air conditioning compressors

SANDEN’s SD5 and SD7 series compressors are highly versatile when it comes to installation, making them suitable for use in multiple applications for agricultural, public works, industrial and mining vehicles. SANDEN compressors are compatible with R134a and R1234yf refrigerants.

Ranging from 90 to 155 cc, SANDEN compressors are capable of providing cooling capacity from 4 to 10 kW.


Technical characteristics

VersionCooling CapacityWeightDisplacementNo. of PistonsRefrigerantMax. Rotational SpeedConstant Rotational Speed
SD7H15From 2 to 7 kW8 kg154.9 cm³/rev7R134a8000 rpm6000 rpm
SD5H14From 1 to 5.5 kW8 kg138 cm³/rev5R134a7000 rpm6000 rpm
SD7B10From 1 to 4 kW4.5 kg99.8 cm³/rev7R134a9300 rpm6500 rpm

Additional information

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SANDEN 7H15 and 5H14 Series Compressors

As the heart of the air conditioning system, the compressor is connected to the vehicle engine via a belt and driven by an electromagnetic clutch. SANDEN compressors guarantee reliability, smooth performance and unequalled noise reduction in the most extreme environments.

Identification of Compressor Type

Type 7 cylinders : SD7B10, SD7H13, SD7H15/HD, SHD

Type 5 cylinders : SD5H11, SD5H14


Meaning of SANDEN Compressor Product Codes:

Belt Tension

Note: These specifications should be taken only as a guide. When developing new HVAC systems, it is recommended that you consult your compressor supplier for the most appropriate specifications for your application.

Nominal Speed

Installation Angle

Maximum compressor installation angle:

The compressor can be rotated 90° in either direction, keeping the oil refill port above the 3 and 9 o’clock positions.

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