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12 to 540 volts
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12 to 540 VOLTS






Monobloc electric air conditioners

The SKIMO G² ranges of roof-mounted, monobloc air conditioning systems are designed for 100% electric vehicles that have no free space either in the cab or engine compartment.

SKIMO G² offer the best compromise between performance and energy consumption. Compact, easy to install and completely self-contained, SKIMO G² are compatible with most vehicle types and do not require the installation of an engine-driven compressor.

With the benefit of over 15 years of experience and the latest technology, the SKIMO G² is a low-voltage air conditioner and heat pump that delivers maximum comfort and a reduced carbon footprint.

With low power consumption and low noise emissions, these SKIMO G² systems are the best solution to the latest energy challenges and offer a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

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From 12 to 540V

Max. Cooling Capacity: 3.5 kW
Max. Heating Capacity: N/A
Power Consumption: 630 to 2,000 W
Installation: roof-mounted
Max. Operating Temp.: up to 45°C

From 24 to 540V

Max. Cooling Capacity: 3.5 kW
Max. Heating Capacity: 2.7 kW
Power Consumption: 630 to 2,000 W
Installation: roof-mounted
Max. Operating Temp.: -5°C to 55°C

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      The SKIMO G² range of monobloc air conditioners is the ideal HVAC solution for vehicles on which it is not possible to install a traditional system with an engine-driven compressor.

      With a range of possible supply voltages, from 12 to 540 volts (DC), the SKIMO G² ranges are particularly suitable for:

      • Forklift trucks
      • Farming vehicles
      • Landscaping machinery
      • Vineyard vehicles
      • Construction and public works machinery
      • Road sweepers
      • Special-purpose vehicles
      • Airport vehicles

      Performance of SKIMO G² PAC 48 V version on a 2.5 m3 cab.

      Air conditioning performance*:

      • 35°C outside: cab temperature of 18°C.
      • 45°C outside: cab temperature of 25°C.

      *  Average solar energy 800 W/m²

      Heating performance:

      • 0°C outside: cab temperature 18°C.
      • -5°C outside: cab temperature of 14°C.
      • -10°C outside: cab temperature 11°C.
      • EU4-G4 dust filter
      • 3 large-diameter air diffusers
      • SKIMO G² modular control panel:
        • On/Off switch
        • 3-speed ventilation
      • SKIMO G² PAC ATC control panel:
        • On/Off switch
        • Heating or cooling mode selection
        • 3-speed ventilation
        • Display of mode (cooling or heating) and fan speed
        • Display brightness adjustment

      The SKIMO G² are delivered pre-charged with either R134a or R1234yf refrigerant.

      The SKIMO G ² can be commissioned quickly and easily by a professional.

      SKIMO G² installation in 5 easy steps:

      1. Position the cutting template supplied on the roof
      2. Cut and drill the roof according to the template
      3. Apply silicone sealant
      4. Install and secure SKIMO G²
      5. Connect the power supply

      A flat surface is required for installation: 71 x 43 cm.

      Please note that the SKIMO G² cannot be canopy-mounted in a cantilevered position.

      Installation requirements

      • Insulation: walls and floor protected from heat source (e.g., engine, exhaust, etc.).
      • Roof: rigid material capable of supporting 28.5 kg.
      Endurance Tests

      The SKIMO G² systems have been tested under the most extreme usage conditions to guarantee reliability and optimum performance over time.

      Production Tests

      During production, 100% of SKIMO G² systems are tested on an automated test bench.

      Every single SKIMO G² system undergoes rigorous testing on an automated test bench.

      SKIMO G2 PAC heat pumps use the latest technology to offer the best COP (Coefficient of Performance) on the market for both cooling and heating.

      • Low power consumption
      • Low noise emissions
      • Integrated motor scroll compressor technology
      • HFO R1234yf refrigerant with low global warming power

      recyclage chaud froidSKIMO G2 PAC offers a significantly reduced carbon footprint, making it the best response to the latest energy challenges.

      The warranty on these systems is valid for 2 years or 2000 hours. It does not cover consumables, wear and tear or damage resulting from incorrect usage, including in the following cases:

      • Use in an abnormally humid environment
      • Use in a highly saline environment
      • Use in a highly acidic environment
      • High-pressure cleaning and/or use of detergents

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