SNDC is a specialist manufacturer of OEM* HVAC solutions (air conditioning, heating, ventilation, air filtration, pressurisation and regulation) to ensure passenger comfort in transport vehicles. The company has collaborated in developing systems for the following applications:

  • Rail transport: passenger coaches, service wagons.
  • Cable transport: funicular cabins, Funitel ski lifts, urban cable cars.

Designer and Manufacturer of Air Conditioning Roof Units

SNDC specialises in the design of plug & play, roof-mounted monoblock systems for rail or cable transport.

Whether you are looking for a standard of bespoke solution, using SNDC’s standard range of products (compressors, evaporators, condensers, hoses, rigid lines, fans, blowers, etc.) and sub-assemblies (air treatment units, stand-alone condensers), SNDC can provide a solution that is light, quiet and energy-efficient.

Rail and Transport Sector

If you have a specific need to air-condition your cabins, contact our team members who will advise you.


Our air conditioning solutions (whether standard or bespoke) can be installed on the following passenger transport vehicles:

  • Cable Car Passenger Cabins
  • Funitel Ski Lift Cabins
  • Funiculars
  • Railway Locomotives
  • Subway Shunterss
  • Overhead Line Cleaners
  • Cable Car
  • Trams
  • Light Rail Vehicles
  • Vacuum Wagons
  • Weeding Wagons

Examples of applications

Unité HVAC basse tension autonome de toit

Cable Car Cabin

In designing and manufacturing this complete system, our design team has produced a highly innovative solution. It is the first single-voltage kit, running on 48 V, includes all the necessaryy components, can be controlled electronically and allows the drainage of condensates.
Electronic controls: a microcontroller has been developed to allow control over all units (air conditioning and heating functions) and return error codes directly from the control station, allowing the kits to be controlled either individually or simultaneously.
Drainage principle: a deflector system is included to prevent the rejection of condensate water in the cabin for improved passenger comfort (patented system).

Application HYDRAUTAN


This vehicle is used to transport people in tunnels under construction. To address all the requirements for this vehicle, our engineering team was able to install a compact solution, the HYDRAUTAN. This stand-alone air conditioner, driving by a hydraulic motor, is able to deliver a high cooling capacity and includes all the components of an HVAC system in a single unit.

Other business sectors

SNDC offers a wide range of air conditioning solutions for vehicle cabins.
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