Incorporation of Standards

Air treatment in agricultural machinery, construction vehicles and industrial vehicles is a key part of maintaining driver comfort when working. It is also a key safety concern, especially when working with harmful or toxic substances. SNDC incorporates numerous standards into its design and development processes to provide optimum solutions for a range of activities and working conditions.

Test Centre

Prototyping and testing are essential steps in the development of both standard and custom solutions. During these phases, SNDC carries out thorough tests on air conditioning, heating, de-icing, pressurisation and filtration systems, applying the relevant standards for each sector and working environment. SNDC boasts testing facilities that are capable of simulating a range of working conditions (from -35 to 55 °C, humidity levels, sunlight conditions, etc.).

Our test facilities have FD X 15-140 – May 2013 certification, which validates our calibration procedures.

Test chamber

Thermal Comfort

Control and maintain the cabin air temperature. Homogenous air distribution and ergonomic controls.

Standards: ISO 10263ISO 14269
Test methods and assessment criteria of the operator cabin (Earth-moving machinery and Agricultural vehicles).

air conditioning

Air Conditioning



de-icing and de-misting

De-icing and De-misting

Operator Comfort

Ergonomics of thermally controlled environments.

Standards: NF EN 10551
Evaluation of the influence of thermally controlled environments using subjective scaled criteria.

comfort and ergonomics

Ergonomics and Comfort

Air Quality

Protection against dust, pollen, vapours and aerosols released by toxic substances. Homogenous air distribution and ergonomic controls.

Standards: EN 15695
Protection of the operator against harmful substances.
Standards: ISO 3737
Pressurisation system test methods.







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