SNDC is a manufacturer and supplier of OEM, OES and AM HVAC systems (heating, air conditioning, regulation, pressurisation and air filtration and distribution) for transport, assault or combat vehicles.

SNDC collaborates with clients in the design of air treatment solutions for troop or driver cabins for numerous different vehicle types.

SNDC designs plug & play air conditioning systems with either engine-driven or electric compressors.

Whether you are looking for a specific or custom solution, using SNDC’s standard range of products (compressors, evaporators, condensers, hoses, rigid lines, ventilators, blowers, etc.) and sub-assemblies (air treatment units, stand-alone condensers), SNDC can provide a solution that is light, quiet and energy-efficient.

SNDC offers clients the benefit of its expertise (design studio, quality assurance team, lean manufacturing team, etc.) as well as the means to design, test (test centre, climatic chamber) and produce (assembly lines, test rigs) their desired solution.

SNDC is a certified organisation that aims to provide satisfactory solutions to target cost:

Military Sector


  • Tank
  • Armoured Vehicle
  • Armoured Personnel Carrier


Split system électrique basse tension autonome

Stand-alone, Low-voltage Electric Split System

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