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As a major player in the refrigerant services sector, through their subsidiary brand ECOCLIM, SNDC offers after-sales service providers two multi-function tools for the short-circuit recycling of R404A and R452A refrigerants.

Tools adapted to address new challenges

The Ecoclim RF404 and RF452 units are the ideal answer to the latest economic and environmental challenges:

  • Efficient, instant short-circuit recycling of R404A and R452A fluids (Conforms with NF E35-421);
  • Significant reduction in refrigerant spending. 100% of recovered refrigerant is recycled, with only the addition of fresh or regenerated fluid expected;
  • All stages of maintenance operations are automated (recovery, pump-out, leak testing, oil addition, charging, etc.);
  • More comfortable for operators due to the reduced number of steps to perform;
  • Reduced risk of damage or harm;
  • Reduce carbon footprint by performing short-circuit recycling in the workshop and reducing waste;
  • Reliable traceability of all refrigerant fluid movements;
  • Simplified management of refrigerant fluids and recording of annual balances.

A solution that reduces risk for operators

Design for after-sales service providers working the refrigerated transport sector, the Ecoclim RF404 and RF452 completely change the way things are done in the workshop. Training can be completed in a relatively short space of time and their simple, intuitive function, along with their automation and safety features, frees up operators to focus on more technical tasks. By combining all the tools required for working on refrigeration systems, the RF404 and RF452 offer time savings and greater safety in the handling of refrigerant fluids.

Advantages for everyone

  • The refrigerant recovered from the system is recycled by the unit before being reinjected.
  • The recycled refrigerant preserves its functional properties.
  • Conforms to NF E35-421
  • Recycling function allows the reuse of refrigerant, reducing spending on new or regenerated fluid.
  • Reduced admin costs.
  • More efficient than more traditional methods.
  • More accurate monitoring of stock levels and the annual fluid balance.
  • Reduced carbon footprint through short-cycle fluid management.
  • Reduced operating costs thanks to automation.
  • Reduced number of tasks.
  • One single piece of equipment for all tasks.
  • Simplification and time savings
  • The unit is automated, freeing you up for other tasks.
  • Safe and comfortable to use.
  • Reduced risk of damage or injury when working.
  • Customisable parameters (vacuum time, charge quantity, etc.)


A summary of the RF404 and RF452:

  • Fast recovery and recycling (750 g/min)
  • Conform to NF EN 35-421
  • High precision recovery and charging
  • Automatic oil injection
  • Fast charging in all weather conditions (heat belt)
  • Vacuum leak test
  • Integrated nitrogen leak test
  • Large storage capacity (28 kg)
  • High vacuum power (180 l/min)
  • 2 databases
  • 2 refrigerant charging modes
  • Printer
  • Operation history
  • Monthly and annual fluid balances
  • Heat belt
  • All-metal construction


All refrigerant in the separator and the condenser is weighed for an accurate and reliable fluid balance.
No one-way valves. Accuracy guaranteed using double electro-valve technology.

The unit features 2 databases recording refrigerant quantities for CARRIER and THERMOKING systems, as well as a customisable database.


  • 3-year warranty on parts and labour with the maintenance pack.
  • Maintenance pack and database updates.
  • Hotline.
  • SNDC on-site after-sales service.
  • Loan units


Built entirely using treated and painted steel.

Charging hose ends equipped with particle filters for protection against cleanable impurities.

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