Low-voltage Electric Solutions

Custom Solutions (OEM)

SNDC designs and assembles OEM low-voltage, stand-alone electric HVAC solutions for 12, 24, 48 or 80 Vdc supplies. These units are ideal for settings in which the compressor cannot be driven by the engine, such as in electric or hybrid vehicles. SNDC solutions offer the best compromise between space-saving and performance (COP of 1.95) for all HVAC functions, whether it is air conditioning, heating, pressurisation or air filtration.
Whether a monoblock or split system, these solutions are suitable for a wide range of road vehicles and off-road machinery. They guarantee high air quality and thermal comfort even in the most extreme environments.

Roof-mounted HVAC Unit - 320B87

Roof-mounted HVAC Unit

48 Volts stand-alone (heating, air conditioning, air filtration) for large-volume cable cars.

Wall-mounted HVAC Unit - 320B66

Wall-mounted HVAC Unit

80 or 90 Volts stand-alone unit (heating, air conditioning, air filtration) wall-mounted for road sweeper.e.

Split System

Split System

24 Volts stand-alone unit (air conditioning, pressurisation, air filtration) for military applications.

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