SNDC Low-voltage Electric Solutions

Custom Solutions (OEM)

SNDC designs and assembles OEM low-voltage, stand-alone electric HVAC solutions for 12, 24, 48 or 80 Vdc supplies. These units are ideal for settings in which the compressor cannot be driven by the engine, such as in electric or hybrid vehicles. SNDC solutions offer the best compromise between space-saving and performance (COP of 1.95) for all HVAC functions, whether it is air conditioning, heating, pressurisation or air filtration. Whether a monoblock or split system, these solutions are suitable for a wide range of road vehicles and off-road machinery. They guarantee high air quality and thermal comfort even in the most extreme environments.
Unité de toit HVAC - 320B87

Roof-mounted HVAC Unit

48 Volts stand-alone (heating, air conditioning, air filtration) for large-volume cable cars.

Unité de paroi HVAC - 320B66

Wall-mounted HVAC Unit

80 or 90 Volts stand-alone unit (heating, air conditioning, air filtration) wall-mounted for road sweeper.e.

Système split

Split System

24 Volts stand-alone unit (air conditioning, pressurisation, air filtration) for military applications.

Solutions for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles (OEM)

Efforts to reduce CO2 emissions are currently focused on renewable energy and issues relating to industrial machinery in the handling, agriculture and construction sectors. Vehicle temperature controls have therefore become a significant concern for manufacturers as they increasingly turn towards batteries and electric or hybrid vehicles.

SNDC’s expertise: From their work on the HVAC system for the first 100% electric self-powered viticulture vehicle on the market and their contributions to the first multi-hybrid bus, the R&D team at SNDC has acquired specialist knowledge and true expertise in the thermal controls for electric and hybrid vehicles and machinery.

Energy constraints (battery life, durability and temperature), thermal comfort in the cabin (heating, air conditioning, de-icing or air filtration), and outdoor temperatures are just some of the challenges when designing an appropriate system. SNDC’s original solutions focus on providing a response to both regulatory demands and the needs of the customer.

SNDC’s skills and technology choices make it the perfect partner when seeking to control conditions inside hybrid or electric vehicles.

Système HVAC autonome

HVAC Pressurisation System

For high-clearance vineyard tractor. Heating, air conditioning, air filtration and pressurisation. Driven by ATC.

Système HVAC autonome - BUS

Stand-alone HVAC System

For multi-hybrid bus. Driven by the vehicle.

Concept HVAC + batteries

Thermal Management

For electric and hybrid vehicles. Heat management, air conditioning, battery temperature control. Driven by the vehicle.

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