Test Centre

Prototype testing is an essential part of developing standard or custom solutions. The team at SNDC tests the performance of various systems, including heating, air conditioning, de-icing, pressurisation and filtration systems, in accordance with relevant standards for each sector and working environment. SNDC has two test rooms capable of reproducing a range of climate conditions (temperatures from -35 to 55 °C, humidity controls, solar rays, etc.).

Our test rooms and calibration procedures are certified in accordance with the standards of FD X 15-140 – May 2013.

Test Room - Hot Climate Chamber

HVAC System Test Centre

This room can accommodate large machines (agricultural vehicles, construction machinery, industrial vehicles, etc.) in order to carry out performance tests in even the most extreme temperature, humidity and sunlight conditions.

Length 9.6 m
Width 5.9 m
Height 7.5 m
Volume 403 m³
Usage Capacity
Length 9 m
Width 4.5 m
Height 4.3 m
Test Room - Hot Climate Chamber
Test Room - Cold Climate Chamber

Heating and De-icing Test Room

The test room for heating and de-icing systems is a unique chamber capable of creating negative temperatures down to -35 °C, without needing the heat contribution from the vehicle being tested. It allows us to validate the performance and quality of both heating and de-icing systems. The cabin heating system is connected to a heat generator that reproduces the flow and increase of cooling fluid of the vehicle engine. This way, the external influences of the heat of the engine or hydraulic servers are removed.

Length 4.6 m
Width 4.3 m
Height 3.9 m
Volume 77 m³
Usage Capacity
Length 4 m
Width 3.9 m
Height 3 m
Test Room - Cold Climate Chamber

Tools in the test room

  • 24 x 1300 W infra-red lamps
  • 1 x 27.5 V, 100 A electrical supply
  • 1 x 13.5 V, 100 A electrical supply
  • 1 x 0-500 V, 0-60 A 10 kW electrical supply
  • 1 x 380 V, 32 A electrical supply
  • 2 x fans (achieving a wind speed of 5 m/s)
  • 1 x RS PRO RS730 thermal imaging camera
  • 2 x charging stations for R134a and R1234yf

Standards applied in the test centre

  • EN 15695
  • ISO 3737
  • NF EN 10551
  • ISO 10263
  • ISO 14269

Measurement equipment

With acquisition unit
  • 12 x temperature sensors with an accuracy of ±0.1 °C
  • 2 x current metres
  • 2 x pressure sensor 0/60 bar
  • 1 x pressure sensor -1/40 bar
  • 1 x humidity sensor

Measurement equipment

Without acquisition unit
  • 1 x SL-5826 sound level meter
  • 1 x KIMO SL100 solar power meter
  • 1 x LP PYRA 02 pyranometer
  • 1 x KIMO MP100 pressure sensor
  • 1 x KIMO CT100 tachometer
  • 2 x KIMO VT100 thermo-anemometer
  • 1 x KIMO TK100 thermometer
  • 1 x KIMO LV50 thermo-anemometer
  • 1 x KIMO HD110 thermo-hygrometer
  • 1 x Mastercool 52224-A thermometer with laser
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