Since 1986, SNDC has been manufacturing HVAC systems (heating, air conditioning, pressurisation and air distribution and filtration) for cabins on handling vehicles.

SNDC is a manufacturer and supplier of OEM, OES and AM HVAC systems for numerous manufacturers.

Air Conditioning Systems Manufacturer

Whether you are looking for a complete plug & play system, components (compressors, evaporators, condensers, hoses, rigid lines, fans, blowers, etc.) or sub-assemblies (air treatment units, stand-alone condensers), SNDC offers clients the benefit of its expertise in design (design studio, quality assurance team), testing (test centre, climatic chamber) and production (assembly lines, test rigs, lean manufacturing techniques, etc.).

Consulting and Expertise

SNDC applies its experience and expertise to deliver optimal solutions to target cost, guaranteeing comfort and performance in even the toughest operating conditions:

  • Compliance with standards and specifications
  • Guaranteed comfort, ergonomics and airflow
  • Reliability and longevity
  • Optimum performance

By providing thermal comfort and controlling battery temperature, SNDC’s innovative thermal management solutions are the ideal choice to address the new challenges presented by electric and hybrid vehicles.

If you have a specific need to air-condition your cabins, contact our team members who will advise you.


Our air conditioning solutions (whether standard or bespoke) can be installed in the cabins of the following handling vehicles:

  • Forklifts
  • Telescopic Forklifts

Examples of applications

AUSTRAL - Unité HVAC monobloc 'casquette'

Manitou M forklift

This all-terrain forklift has very little available space in the cabin. The AUSTRAL monoblock solution made it possible to install a complete system that was capable of providing the high power levels required due to the large glass windows.

Application Split system HVAC

HVAC Split System

This solution has been designed and developed principally for use on port handling equipment. It includes an "off-road" technology on the condenser that provides resistance against vibrations and dust. The evaporator has been insulated to allow it to withstand significant heat and maintain air conditioning performance.
This solution is designed for applications in harsh environments and can be installed on machines working in 50% humidity in temperatures ranging from -15 °C to 43 °C.

Intégration SKIMO sur chariot élévateur

Forklift trucks

The SKIMO is an electric, monoblock air conditioner designed for machines with no free space in the cabin or engine compartment.
Efficient, compact, easy to install and totally autonomous, the SKIMO can be modified to fit most machines without the need to mount a compressor on the engine.

Other business sectors

SNDC is a long-standing supplier of solutions for logistics and lifting machinery.
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