SNDC’s design teams collaborate with numerous manufacturers in the viticulture market who need solutions that conform to comfort standards (ISO 10263, ISO 14269) and new regulations that protect the operator against hazardous substances (Categories 2, 3 or 4 of EN 15695-1 and EN 15695-2).

To respond to these demands, SNDC provides clients with the means for the design (design studio, quality department), testing (test centre, climatic chamber) and production (assembly lines, test rigs, lean manufacturing service) of appropriate solutions.

SNDC solutions can be adapted to suit a range of different operating environments, whether it is HVAC systems (air conditioning, heating, ventilation, pressurisation, air distribution and filtration), sub-assemblies (air treatment units, stand-alone condensers) or component units (compressors, evaporators, condensers, hoses, rigid lines, ventilators, blowers, etc.).

By providing thermal comfort and controlling battery temperature, SNDC’s thermal management solutions are the ideal choice to address the new challenges presented by electric and hybrid vehicles.

SNDC is a certified organisation that aims to provide satisfactory solutions to target cost:

*OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer. *OES: Original Equipment Supplier *AM: Aftermarket


  • Vineyard Tractor
  • Grape Harvest Machine
  • High-clearance Tractor
  • Kremer Electric High-clearance Tractor
  • Electric High-clearance Tractor
  • Grape Harvester
  • Narrow Interline Tractors


Toit conditionneur d'air SNDC (breveté)

"Plug & Play" Roof-mounted Air Conditioner

SNDC’s patented “Plug & Play” roof-mounted air conditioner provides all necessary air conditioning and treatment functions in a single monoblock system.

Application AUTAN 5


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