SNDC designs and manufactures custom hoses and rigid lines for heating and air conditioning systems (R134a and R1234yf).

SNDC supplies products and services adapted to your needs for numerous applications, including industrial vehicles, off-road machinery, agricultural machines, public works vehicles and mining machinery:

  • Standard or shortened hoses
  • Standard or custom connectors, in steel or aluminium
  • Crimping on hoses or rigid lines
  • Thermal, mechanical or protective conduit
  • Internal cleaning, plugging and tagging
  • Compliant with SAE regulations


Technical characteristics

CategoryTypeInternal DiameterExternal DiameterModuleReference No.
Air ConditioningStandard Hose7.9 mm - 5/16''18.3 mm6230A27
10.3 mm - 13/32''22.4 mm8230A28
12.7 mm - 1/2''24.6 mm10230A24
15.9 mm - 5/8''27.7 mm12230A29
Small-diameter Hose7.9 mm - 5/16''14.7 mm6230A57
10.3 mm - 13/32''17.3 mm8230A58
12.7 mm - 1/2''19.4 mm10230A59
15.9 mm - 5/8''23.6 mm12230A60
ChauffageStandard Hose8 mm14 mm-231A62
15 mm24 mm-231A20
19 mm27.5 mm-231A21
25 mm34 mm-231A22

Additional information

Air Conditioning Hoses

Type C Class 1 components with a synthetic rubber coating, with a nylon coating reinforced by 2 spirals of polyester and an external coating of EPDM rubber. Compliant with SAE J2064. Compatible with numerous refrigerant fluids (R134a, R1234yf, R404A, R452A, etc.). Standard or reduced diameters for tight spaces. Modules 6 to 12.

Heating Hoses

Standard or custom hoses, including extra-long hoses, with internal diameters from 8 to 25 mm, with or without textile support and optional purge valve.

Rigid Lines

Custom pipework in aluminium, treated steel or stainless steel. Internal diameters from 7.9 to 25 mm.

All types of connectors, with or without charging port.

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