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12 to 540 Volts
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12 TO 540 VOLTS






Electric split air conditioning systems

The SKIMO SPLIT range of low-voltage electric air conditioning systems comprises an interior unit (heat exchanger) and an external unit (condenser). These units are connected via a bespoke refrigerated connection to suit the dimensions of the cabin.

The SKIMO SPLIT range is designed for 100% electric vehicles or those vehicles that do not have any free space in the cabin or engine compartment.

SKIMO SPLIT electric air conditioning systems offer the perfect compromise between performance and energy consumption.

The wide range of interior units (of a reduced size) and external units (with a wide selection of voltages) offer countless configurations for the perfect installation. The system is charged with refrigerant by the installer.

La gamme de climatiseurs électriques basses tensions SKIMO SPLIT ne nécessite pas le montage d’un compresseur sur le moteur.

Performant, compact et adaptable à la plupart des engins, SKIMO SPLIT est disponible en standard pour des cabines jusqu’à 4 m3 et des températures de -10 °C à 55 °C. Les SKIMO SPLIT sont disponibles en climatisation électrique seule ou en climatisation et chauffage électrique.

External Units

The range of external units used in the SKIMO SPLIT system offers several supply voltage options, from 12 to 540 Volts DC. Designed for applications in both normal and tough conditions, these compact external units can be installed in various different configurations.


From 12 to 540 V

Cooling Capacity: 5.8 kW
Power Consumption: 960 to 1,440 W
Installation: Horizontal
Max. Temp.: 55°C

24 V

Cooling Capacity: 6.6 kW
Power Consumption: 1,440 to 2,160 W
Installation: Horizontal or vertical
Max. Temp.: 55°C

Interior Units

A large range of 100% metal interior units means you can select the optimum to connect to your chosen external unit and complete your SKIMO SPLIT system.

These interior units are designed for tough applications in the most challenging environments. Heating & air conditioning or air-conditioning-only versions are available.

Dimensions: 415 x 360 x 147 mm
Weight: 10 kg
Installation: Vertical

Dimensions: 490 x 170 x 170 mm
Weight: 8 kg
Installation: Vertical

Dimensions: 528 x 355 x 168 mm
Weight: 14 kg
Installation: Horizontal

Dimensions: 530 x 461 x 172 mm
Weight: 15 kg
Installation: Vertical

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      With their reduced size, the external unit (ALIZE E or ALIZE HD) and the interior unit (BOREAL, ZEPHYR, BORA V or BORA H) are easily combined on vehicles that do not have much free space.

      External unit dimensions:

      • ALIZE HD: 770 x 550 x 232 mm
      • ALIZE E: 690 x 420 x 233 mm

      Interior unit dimensions:

      • BOREAL: 415 x 360 x 147 mm
      • ZEPHYR: 490 x 170 x 170 mm
      • BORA V: 530 x 461 x 172 mm
      • BORA H: 528 x 355 x 168 mm

      Performance at 38°C

      • After 5 minutes of operation:
        • The blower temperature : 14.1 °C
        • The cabin temperature : 32 °C
      • After 1 hour of operation:
        • The blower temperature : 6.3 °C
        • The cabin temperature : 25.4 °C.

      The difference between the test chamber temperature and the temperature inside the cabin is 12.7°C.

      Performances à 43 °C

      • After 5 minutes of operation:
        • The blower temperature : 17.5 °C
        • The cabin temperature : 35.4°C
      • After 1 hour of operation:
        • The blower temperature : 9.9 °C
        • The cabin temperature : 29.8 °C.

      The difference between the test chamber temperature and the temperature inside the cabin is 13.6°C.

      By separating the heat exchanger and external units, this system can be easily installed in a range of configurations according to the available space. The compressor-condenser assembly can be installed vertically on the side of the cabin or horizontally on the hood or canopy. The heat exchanger will be installed inside the cabin.

      The SKIMO SPLIT is particularly suitable for the following:

      • electric forklifts
      • industrial forklifts
      • electric commercial vehicles
      • maintenance vehicles
      • all types of vehicle or machine using a battery up to 100V.
      Endurance Tests

      Before being put on the market, the SKIMO SPLIT system was subject to endurance tests that reproduced the expected usage conditions.

      The SKIMO SPLIT system was tested and analysed in a climatic chamber and subjected to extreme variations in temperature.

      Production Tests

      During production, 100% of SKIMO SPLIT systems are tested on an automated test rig.
      Every single SKIMO SPLIT system is subject to rigorous testing on an automated test rig.

      The warranty for this range is valid for 2 years or 2,000 operating hours. The warranty does not cover consumables, wear and tear or damage resulting from incorrect use, including in the following cases:

      • Use in an abnormally humid environment
      • Use in a highly saline environment
      • Use in a highly acidic environment
      • High-pressure cleaning and/or the use of detergents
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