Available versions:

  • Electric air conditioning only
  • Electric heating and air conditioning only.

Installation: Vertical

Dimensions: 415 x 360 x 147 mm

Ideal for electric forklifts, industrial forklifts, electric commercial vehicles, maintenance vehicles and many other types of vehicle or machine.

Available in 12, 24, 48 and 80 V versions, the BOREAL offers up to 2.9 kW of cooling capacity, up to 3 kW of heating capacity and a nominal air flow of up to 530 m³/h.


      Technical characteristics

      Cooling CapacityRated Current
      (Air Conditioning mode)
      Heating CapacityRated Current
      (Heating mode)
      Rated Current
      (Heating mode)
      Heating Element
      Ref. Air Con.Ref. Air Con./Heating
      12V12V2.9 kW
      31° C
      50% HUMID.
      10 A2kW -10° C10 A50 A350B64350C05
      24V24V5 A2kW -10° C5 A40 A350B65350B87
      24 V Plus24V5 A3kW -10° C5 A50 A-350B99
      48 V12V10 A2kW -10° C36 A10 A-350C20
      48 V24V5 A2kW -10° C37 A5 A-350B94
      80V12V10 A2kW -10° C17 A10 A-350B85
      80V24V5 A2kW -10° C17 A5 A-350B86

      Download 3D envelope

        Associated outdoor units

        From 12 to 540 V

        Cooling capacity: 5.8 kW
        Power consumption: 960 to 1440 W
        Position: horizontal or vertical
        Max. temperature: 55 °C

        24 V

        Cooling capacity: 6.6 kW
        Power consumption: 1440 to 2160 W
        Position: horizontal or vertical
        Max. temperature: 55 °C

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