Applications: Electric heating and air conditioning or Electric air conditioning only.

Installation: horizontal

Ideal for electric forklifts, industrial forklifts, electric commercial vehicles, maintenance vehicles and any other vehicle or machine.

From 12 to 120 V versions, the ALIZE E delivers up to 5.9 kW of cooling capacity and a nominal air flow of up to 530 m3/h.

The ALIZE E external unit is fully compatible with the BOREAL, BORA V, BORA H and ZEPHYR interior units.


      Technical characteristics

      Cooling capacityRated Current
      Rated Current
      Max. Operating Temp.WeightRef. No.
      12 V-5,8 kW, 35 °C, 50 % HUMID.80 A-55 °C33kg340B37
      24 V- 45 A-340B26
      48 V12 V30 A10 A340B38
      48 V24 V30 A5 A340B39
      80 V12 V15 A10 A340B40
      80 V24 V15 A5 A340B32
      96 V12 V12 A10 A340B36
      96 V24 V12 A5 A340B21
      120 V12 V8 A10 A340B41
      120 V24 V8 A5 A340B22

      For higher voltages, don’t hesitate to contact us, a solution exists.

      Download 3D envelope

        Associated indoor units

        Dimensions: 415 x 360 x 147 mm
        Weight: 10 kg
        Position: vertical

        Dimensions: 490 x 170 x 170 mm
        Weight: 8 kg
        Position: vertical

        Dimensions: 528 x 355 x 168 mm
        Weight: 14 kg
        Position: horizontal

        Dimensions: 530 x 461 x 172 mm
        Weight: 15 kg
        Position: vertical

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