Complete Combine Harvester Solution

ARCTIC ALIZE 10 Split System

340A07 & 350B66
- 24V - Air Conditioning - Split - Engine-driven -

The ARCTIC ALIZE 10 Split system includes all the components of a full air conditioning system and is suitable for a wide range of vehicles and machines including vehicles used in extreme off-road environments, agriculture, construction, earth moving and mining. The system consists of an ALIZE 10 high-capacity stand-alone condenser and an ARCTIC evaporator to be integrated with a double ceiling in the cabin.

All accessories, a compressor, hoses, control panel and electrical panel are included.

Available in 12 and 24 V variants and in either AC-only or AC & heating configurations, the ARCTIC ALIZE 10 Split system is compatible with R134a and R1234yf fluids.


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    Technical characteristics

    VoltageCooling CapacityAirflow
    24 V6.5 kW (+43 °C 50% HUMID. IMACA STANDARD)820 m³/h

    Additional information


    The complete COMBINE HARVESTER solution is particularly suitable for cabins on the following vehicles:

    • Agricultural machinery
    • Construction and earth moving machinery
    • Mining vehicles
    • Forestry vehicles
    • Handling vehicles
    • Commercial and industrial vehicles

    Details for the ARCTIC ALIZE 10 Split system

    • 1 x ARCTIC evaporator or evaporator-heater
    • 1 x ALIZE 10 condenser
    • 1 x standard compressor support (according to engine)
    • 1 x compressor support hardware kit
    • 5 m drainage hose (Ø 10 x 14)
    • 1 x kit electrical panel kit
    • 1 x hose and coolant connection kit
    • 1 x SANDEN SD7H15 compressor
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