HD SPLIT Complete Solution

BORA ALIZE 10+ Split System

340B05 & 350C24
- 24V - Air Conditioning - Vertical - Split - Engine-driven -

This system consists of 2 stand-alone units (an evaporator and a condenser) that can be installed in a number of different ways according to the configuration of the vehicle.
Some cutting, drilling and welding will be required to install the evaporator and the condenser and connect the compressor to the engine.

Details for the complete SPLIT HD solution:

  • 1 x BORA Vertical evaporator
  • 1 x ALIZE 10+ condenser
  • 1 x standard compressor support
  • 1 x compressor support hardware kit
  • 5 m drainage hose (Ø 10 x 14)
  • 1 x electrical panel kit
  • 1 x hose kit
  • 1 x SD7H15 compressor


Technical characteristics

VoltageCooling CapacityAirflow
24 V5.5 kW, 43 °C, 50 % HUMID.600 m³/h

Additional information


The complete SPLIT HD solution is particularly suitable for the following vehicle cabins:

  • Agricultural machinery
  • Construction and earth moving machinery
  • Mining vehicles



The compressor can be connected hydraulically.

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