ATC Modular Line

ATC Modular Line

12 V: 273F14 - 24 V: 273D85

The ATC Modular Line from SNDC is suitable for agricultural, public works and commercial vehicles operating in the most extreme conditions.

The ATC Modular Line makes it possible to automatically or manually control the temperature and airflow in the cabin.


Technical characteristics

VoltageIP RatingConnectionsHeating ValvesVersionNo. of Speed SettingsOther Functions
12 VIP 54AC & HeatingSolenoidDigital6Air Recirculation
24 VIP 54AC-Digital6Air Recirculation

Additional information

Additional Information:

Architecture: Circular
Modes: Automatic or Manual
Temperature Range: +18 °C to +28 °C
Accuracy: ± 1 °C
Air Conditioning Mode: Automatic or Manual

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