SNDC’s control panels with cable connections have been specifically designed for agricultural, public works, industrial and commercial vehicles.

They are available as 12 or 24 V models with 3 or 4 blower speeds. They are also fitted with backlighting and have a useful life of 6,000 hours.


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    Technical characteristics

    VoltageConnectionsHeating ValvesVersionNo. of Blower Speed Settings
    12 VAir Conditioning / Heating / AC & HeatingNone / Cable2 Dials / 2 Dials + 1 Switch3 or 4
    24 VAir Conditioning / AC & HeatingNone / Cable2 Dials + 1 Switch3

    Additional information

    SNDC Control Panel with Cable Connections

    Stepped control dial for ease of use.
    Adjustment tool to help adapt the mounting of the control panel to the thickness of the dashboard, up to 6 mm.

    Custom Control Panel

    Where the use of a standard control panel is not possible, SNDC can offer custom panels according to your application and needs. SNDC offers the complete design, production and assembly of your control panel with no tooling costs.

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