- 24V - Up to 4 m³ - Non-extreme - Air Conditioning and Heating - Roof-mounted - 6.3 kW, 43 °C - R134a & R1234yf - Monoblock - Engine-driven -
conditioning systems for the agricultural market.

The system offers excellent air conditioning performance and is designed to be easily roof-mounted on all types of cabins.
The AUTAN 5 is designed for use in the toughest working conditions with significant vibration, high levels of dust and high temperatures.


  • Suitable for cabins up to 4 m³ in volume
  • Pressure switch: HP – LP
  • Position: Roof lining
  • Requires cutting of the roof
  • Filtration: dust – active carbon
  • Weight: 31 kg


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    Technical characteristics

    VoltagePower ConsumptionCooling CapacityHeating CapacityAirflowColour
    24 V480 W6.3 kW, 43 °C, 50% HUMID.6.4 kW, -15 °C, 40% HUMID.820 m³/hBlack

    Additional information


    The AUTAN 5 monoblock air conditioning system is particularly suitable for cabins on the following vehicles:

    • Agricultural machinery
    • Construction, public works and earth-moving vehicles
    • Commercial and industrial vehicles
    • Handling vehicles


    • Simple to mount and install
    • External electrical and coolant connections
    • Compatible with R134a and R1234yf fluids

    Technical Qualifications

    The AUTAN 5 monoblock air conditioning system has been subjected to numerous tests in the toughest usage conditions. Each AUTAN 5 system is carefully checked and assessed to guarantee long-lasting top performance.

    Associated products

    Filtre AUTAN 5 clim chauffage 700A15
    Filter -700A15
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