- 24V - Up to 4 m³ - Extreme - Air Conditioning and Heating - Roof-mounted - 6.3 kW, 43 °C - R134a & R1234yf - Monoblock - Engine-driven -

HD is a one-piece unit that is installed on the roof. It must be connected to a compressor by two hoses.
AUTAN HD is specially designed for severe applications:

  • High cooling capacity,
  • Operation up to +55°C outside temperature,
  • Robust and vibration resistant,
  • Dusty environments.

AUTAN HD is designed to limit the accumulation of dust on the condenser. In standard version, AUTAN HD works in recycling.


  • Suitable for cabins with a volume of up to 4 m³
  • Provide a roof cutout
  • Weight: 30 kg


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    Technical characteristics

    VoltagePower ConsumptionCooling CapacityHeating CapacityAirflow
    24 V480 W6.3 kW, 43 °C, 50% HUMID.9 kW, -15 °C, 40% HUMID.820 m³/h

    Additional information


    The AUTAN HD monoblock air conditioning system is particularly suitable for cabins on the following vehicles:

    • Agricultural machinery
    • Construction, public works and earth-moving vehicles
    • Mining machinery
    • Forestry machinery
    • Railway equipment


    • Simple to mount and install
    • External electrical and coolant connections
    • Compatible with R134a and R1234yf fluids

    Technical Qualifications

    The AUTAN HD monoblock air conditioning system has been subjected to numerous tests in the toughest usage conditions. Each AUTAN HD system is carefully checked and assessed to guarantee long-lasting top performance.

    Thanks to its hinged cover, all the components of the AUTAN HD are easily accessible to make maintenance simpler.

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