- 12V - Up to 3 m³ - Non-extreme - Air Conditioning - Roof-mounted - 4 kW, 43 °C - R134a & R1234yf - Monobloc - Engine-driven -

The SKIMO MD compact air conditioners can be easily installed in the roof of all types of cabins where there is not enough space for a more integrated solution.
The SKIMO MD brings together a condenser, evaporator, dehydrator, pressure safety switches and controls all in a single piece of equipment. This system is designed to be connected via rigid lines to an engine-driven compressor.


  • Suitable for cabins up to 3 m³ in volume
  • Requires cutting the roof
  • Weight: 20 kg


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    Technical characteristics

    VoltagePower ConsumptionCooling CapacityAirflow
    12 V220 W4 kW, 43 °C, 50% HUMID.510 m³/h

    Additional information


    The SKIMO MD monoblock air conditioning system is particularly suitable for cabins on the following vehicles:

    • Agricultural machinery
    • Commercial and industrial vehicles
    • Handling machinery


    • Easy to mount and install, with simplified electrical and coolant connections
    • Compressor driven by the vehicle engine
    • Compatible with R134a and R1234yf fluids

    Technical Qualifications

    The SKIMO MD monoblock air conditioning system has been subjected to numerous tests in the toughest usage conditions. Each SKIMO MD system is carefully checked and assessed to guarantee long-lasting top performance.

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