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SKIMO G2 PAC heat pumps benefit from recent technologies offering the best COP (ratio performance – electricity consumption) on the market for both air conditioning and heating.

  • Low power consumption
  • Low level of noise emission
  • Spiral technology compressor with integrated motor
  • HFO R1234yf refrigerant with low global warming potential

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By enabling a significant reduction in the carbon footprint, SKIMO G2 PAC is the best response to new energy challenges.

SKIMO G2 PAC heat pumps have been subjected to numerous heating and air conditioning performance tests under different conditions of use and environment.

SKIMO G2 PAC 48 Volts Performances after 60 minutes installed on a 2.5 m3 cabin:

Air conditioning performance *:

  • +35°C outside, the temperature inside the cabin stabilizes at +18°C.
  • +45°C outside, the temperature inside the cabin stabilizes at +25°C.

* simulated average solar energy of 800 W/m².:

Heating performance:

  • 0°C outside, the temperature inside the cabin stabilizes at +18°C
  • -5°C outside, the temperature inside the cabin stabilizes at +14°C
  • -10°C outside, the temperature inside the cabin stabilizes at +11°C

SKIMO G2 PAC is available in various electrical voltages from 24 to 400 volts

Part Number Power Tension Accessories Tension Consumption
320C34 24 volts 24 volts From 650 to 900 W
320C44 48 volts 12 volts From 1 050 to 1 450 W
320C47 48 volts 24 volts
320C49 80 volts 12 volts From 650 to 1 150 W
320C50 80 volts 24 volts
320C51 120 volts 12 volts From 630 to 1 300 W
320C58 400 volts 12 volts From 600 to 2 000 W

SKIMO G2 PAC is equipped with for undervoltage, overvoltage, overconsumption or overheating of the motor safety devices. Compressor safety is ensured in the event of over pressure or  underload refrigerant with pressure switch.

Dimensions :

SKIMO G2 PACoverall dimensions762 x 522 x 232 mm

Interior ceiling dimensions : 395 x 372 x 63 mm

Roof area required : 300 x 400 mm

Weight : 28 Kg

Roof cut to expect


Plafonnier intérieur :

  • EU4-G4 dust filter
  • 3 large diameter air louvers
  • ATC control panel:
    • On Off mode
    • Heating or air conditioning mode selection
    • 3-speed ventilation
    • Mode display (air conditioning or heating) and fan speed
    • Brightness adjusting on display
    • Error code

SKIMO G2 PAC is the ideal solution for vehicles in which the engine configuration does not allow the installation of a traditional air conditioning system with an engine-driven compressor.

SKIMO G2 PAC is particularly suitable for cabins on the following vehicles:

  • Forklift trucks,
  • Agricultural machinery,
  • Gardening machinery,
  • Vineyard machines,
  • Construction and public works vehicles,
  • Street cleaners,
  • Specialist vehicles …
Easy to install

SKIMO G2 PAC is delivered pre-charged with R1234yf refrigerant. Can be installed and commissioned by a professional in a very short space of time.

Installation in 5 simple steps:

  1. Position the cut-out template provided on the roof
  2. Cut and drill the roof according to the template
  3. Apply the silicone sealant
  4. Install the SKIMO G2 PAC unit
  5. Connect the electrical suppl

A surface area of just 40 x 30 cm is required to install the SKIMO G2 PAC

Installation conditions:

  • Insulation: wall and bottom protected from sources of heat (e.g, engine or exhaust)
  • Roof: rigid material capable of supporting 2 kg
Reliability and performance

Performance Tests: Before being placed on the market, the SKIMO G2 PAC was subjected to numerous performance tests in our test centre in the most extreme usage conditions.

Production Tests: During the production process, 100% of our SKIMO G2 PACunits are tested using an automated test rig.


SKIMO G2 PAC comes with a warranty for 2 years or 2,000 hours. This warranty does not cover consumables, normal wear and tear or damage caused by incorrect usage or operation in unsuitable conditions, including:

  • Usage in an abnormally humid environment
  • Usage in a highly saline environment
  • Usage in a highly acidic environment
  • High-pressure cleaning or use of detergents


Technical characteristics

TensionCooling capacityHeating capacityUse Outisde Temp. min. max.
24 V2.5 kW @ +31°C & 50 % HR1.8 kW @ -5°C-10°C to +45°C
48 V2.7 kW @ +31°C & 50 % HR2.0 kW @ -5°C
80 V3.0 kW @ +31°C & 50 % HR2.2 kW @ -5°C
120 V3.2 kW @ +31°C & 50 % HR2.5 kW @ -5°C
400 V3.5 kW @ +31°C & 50 % HR2.7 kW @ -5°C
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