Stand-alone Electric Air Conditioning System for Small-engine Vehicles

At the SIMA exhibition in Paris, the French company SNDC ECOCLIM has just presented its new SKIMO electric air conditioning system, designed for vehicles with small engines.

The SKIMO electric air conditioning system offers the following advantages, among others:

Energy saving: the compressor is driven by an electric motor, which means less fuel consumption and power peak from the engine.

Reduced volume: 72 x 48x 25 cm. It is very practical for smaller cabins, as it can be cantilever mounted, and only requires a limited ceiling area of 40×30 cm.




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SNDC is delighted to announce that it will be taking part in EQUIP’AUTO ON TOUR 2021, which will take place at MEETT in TOULOUSE. We hope you can attend too!

SNDC Team with RF Units
SNDC Invests to Strengthen Its Position in the Refrigerated Vehicles Sector

Haute-Garonne-based company SNDC, owner of Ecoclim, is planning to modernise its facilities to triple its production capacity over the next two years and consolidate its position as a leading French specialist in refrigerant handling and treatment.

ECOCLIME enables recycling and recharging in a single operation
ECOCLIM Enables Recycling and Recharging in a Single Operation

As a major player in the automotive HVAC sector for over 35 years, SNDC designs and manufactures refrigerant handling tools under its Ecoclim brand in Toulouse.

FROIDNEWS - RF404 and RF452 Units
RF404 & RF452 Charging Units

They recycle refrigerant and reinject it into air conditioning or refrigeration systems.

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