Roof-mounted Air Conditioner

Roof-mounted air conditioner

SNDC’s “Plug & Play” roof-mounted air conditioner brings all the components of an air conditioning system in a single monoblock unit.

This innovative design meets the requirements for category 4 cabins according to EN15695 for the protection of operators against dangerous substances in tractors and self-propelled sprayers.

Functions: Heating, air conditioning, filtration of recirculated air and fresh air, ventilation and air distribution, defrosting and demisting, cabin pressurisation, automatic temperature controller (ATC).

Accessories: Car radio, speakers, ceiling lighting, headlights, windscreen wipers, light switches, all customer accessories.

  • Advantages for operators:
    • Increased visibility
    • Thermal Comfort and Air Quality
    • Efficiency
    • Accessibility and maintenance
    • Compliant with EN15695 category 4 cabin requirements
  • Advantages for manufacturers:
    • Guaranteed performance and compliance with EN15695
    • Simplification of comfort and control interfaces
    • Optimisation of the overall cost of the cabin
    • Quick and easy assembly on the production line

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