RF404 Unit


- R404A - Automatic -

Key features of the RF404 automatic charging unit:

  • Rapid recovery and recycling (750 g/min)
  • Compliant with NF EN 35-421
  • High accuracy for both recovery and charging
  • Automatic oil injection
  • Fast charging in all climate conditions (heat belt)
  • Vacuum leak test
  • Integrated nitrogen leak test
  • Large storage capacity (28 kg)
  • High-power vacuum (180 l/min)
  • 2 databases
  • 2 refrigerant charging modes
  • Printer
  • Operation history
  • Monthly and annual fluid balance
  • Heat belt
  • All-metal manufacture


Technical characteristics

Dimensions1220 x 550 x 810 mmRecovery Capacity750 g/min
Power Supply230 Volts 50/60 HzRecycling Filter Capacity500 kg
Power Consumption1000 WVacuum Pump2-stage
Empty Weight160 kgVacuum Pump Flowrate180 l/min
Charge Hose Length7 m, With 1/4-turn valve at each endBottle Capacity28 kg

Additional information


The refrigerant recovered from the air conditioning system is recycled before being reinjected.

The recycled refrigerant maintains its functional properties.

Conforms to NF E35-421 for recovered and recycled fluids.

Benefits for the business
  • The ability to recycle and reuse refrigerant reduces spending on new or regenerated fluid.
  • Reduced admin costs.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • More reliable daily stock records and annual fluid balance.
  • Reduced carbon footprint (short-cycle fluid management).
  • Reduced operating costs (automated charging unit).
Benefits for the operator:
  • Fewer process steps.
  • A single piece of equipment for all operations.
  • Simpler process that saves time.
  • The unit is automated, freeing you for other tasks.
  • Comfortable and safe.
  • Reduced risk of damage or harm to equipment or operators.
  • Editable parameters (vacuum time, charge quantity, etc.).


All the refrigerant removed from the separator and condenser is weighed for a reliable fluid balance.
No anti-return valves. Guaranteed reliability thanks to double electro-valve technology.

The unit features 2 databases, one for refrigerant quantities for CARRIER and THERMOKING systems and an additional customisable database.


Built entirely from painted and treated steel.

Particle filters on hose ends to protect against impurities.


  • 3-year warranty on parts and labour with the maintenance pack.
  • Maintenance pack and database updates.
  • Hotline.
  • SNDC on-site after-sales support.
  • Loan units.

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