The Muretain Business Club Visits SNDC

Denis Pouchain, a particularly active member of the Muretain Business Club (CEM), responded positively to the request to receive 20 or so members of the group at their premises.

They were thus able to find out more about SNDC (a new air conditioning specialist), which has been based in Labarthe since 1986. They specialise in automotive HVAC systems for a range of sectors and employ 44 people. Known around the world, some of their biggest customers include Manitou and Eurocopter, a subsidiary of EADS.

On a visit by business leaders, accompanied by the local mayor, Bernard Bérail, and Alain Sottil, mayor of Eaunes, attendees were met with a warm welcome and received much information. With an attentive ear, they received a passionate and fascinating presentation by Jean-Marc Guittard, the new CEO, under the benevolent gaze of Denis Pouchain, his predecessor and lifelong companion. Referring to the good health of the company, he summarised it in three key words responsiveness”, “flexibility” and “service”. The factory tour ended on a cultural note. Denis Pouchain offered his guests a very beautiful book relating the works and the short life of Renée Aspe (1922-1969), the Toulouse painter who took up residence in Labarthe-sur-Lèze. The satisfied group ended their journey at the Centaure restaurant, another member of the Club, for their quarterly Speed ​​Business meal.


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SNDC is delighted to announce that it will be taking part in EQUIP’AUTO ON TOUR 2021, which will take place at MEETT in TOULOUSE. We hope you can attend too!

SNDC Team with RF Units
SNDC Invests to Strengthen Its Position in the Refrigerated Vehicles Sector

Haute-Garonne-based company SNDC, owner of Ecoclim, is planning to modernise its facilities to triple its production capacity over the next two years and consolidate its position as a leading French specialist in refrigerant handling and treatment.

ECOCLIME enables recycling and recharging in a single operation
ECOCLIM Enables Recycling and Recharging in a Single Operation

As a major player in the automotive HVAC sector for over 35 years, SNDC designs and manufactures refrigerant handling tools under its Ecoclim brand in Toulouse.

FROIDNEWS - RF404 and RF452 Units
RF404 & RF452 Charging Units

They recycle refrigerant and reinject it into air conditioning or refrigeration systems.

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