Available versions:

  • Electric air conditioning only
  • Electric heating and air conditioning.

Installation: roof-mounted or hood-mounted

Dimensions: 730 x 480 x 257 mm

The SKIMO is an electric roof-mounted monobloc air conditioning system designed for vehicles that do not have space in the cabin or engine compartment to install an additional system.

Completely self-contained, compact and easy to install, the SKIMO delivers high performance and is compatible with most vehicles, without the need to install an engine-driven compressor.

The SKIMO is delivered pre-charged with R134a or R1234yf refrigerant.


      Technical characteristics

      Cooling CapacityAir Conditioning
      Max. Operating Temp.
      Air Conditioning
      Rated Current
      Heating CapacityHeating
      Max. Operating Temp.
      Rated Current
      Ref. No. (air con.)Ref. No.
      (air con. / heating)
      12V2.9 kW, 31°  C
      50% HUMID.
      43° C80 A2 kW, -10° C- 10° C85 A320A96320B55
      24V2.9 kW, 31° C
      50% HUMID.
      43° C40 A1.4 kW, -10° C- 10° C45 A320A98320B49
      80V / 12V2.9 kW, 31° C
      50% HUMID.
      48° C14 A / 20 A2 kW, -10° C- 10° C14 A / 20 A320B12320B72
      80V / 24V2.9 kW, 31° C
      50% HUMID.
      48° C14 A / 10 A2 kW, -10° C- 10° C14 A / 10 A320B17320B50
      * sup. = Supply - per = Peripherals

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