The SNDC ECOCLIM Training Centre is QUALIOPI Certified!

Air Conditioning Technician – Category 5 Certification – On 29 November, the SNDC ECOCLIM training centre was awarded Qualiopi certification, passing without any minor or major non-conformance.

Since 1 January 2022, Qualiopi has been made obligatory for training organisations that wish to access public funding. This certification attests to the quality of the training processes on offer.

The SNDC ECOCLIM training department, which also has Datadocké quality certification, has been registered with Qualiopi since January 2021 and received its certification on 29 November 2021, without any minor or major non-conformances in any of the 32 indicators across 7 categories.

Qualiopi certification is renewable every 3 years.

Obtaining this certification is just another part of SNDC’s continuous improvement approach as it aims to offer customers the benefits of its expertise with a range of price models for training and internships.

To find out more about the training programmes offered by SNDC ECOCLIM, please visit the ECOCLIM website. All our training programmes are delivered at the SNDC site at Labarthe-sur-Lèze, Toulouse.



Designer, manufacturer and supplier of OEM and AM air conditioning, heating, ventilation, air filtration and pressurisation systems, including accessories, for a wide range of vehicle cabins across numerous business sectors.


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SNDC is delighted to announce that it will be taking part in EQUIP’AUTO ON TOUR 2021, which will take place at MEETT in TOULOUSE. We hope you can attend too!

SNDC Team with RF Units
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