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Choose Your Station According to Your Business

Choose Your Station According to Your Business

Bodywork specialists are often called to repair air conditioning systems, particularly after front impacts. This is an opportunity for them to offer to recharge systems and that way, diversify their revenue streams. All they need to do is choose their charging station according to their business needs.

ECOCLIM Range of Charging Stations

SNDC Ecoclim Offers A Complete Range of Products and Services

SNDC and its Ecoclim brand began manufacturing 100% French air conditioning recharging stations in 2014. As well as these important pieces of equipment, the company also offers additional services, training and specialist software for managing refrigerant fluids.


SNDC ECOCLIM Presents Its New Charging Stations

SNDC and its ECOCLIM brand are major players in the French automotive HVAC sector. For 32 years, SNDC ECOCLIM has been using, selling, monitoring and maintaining the available AC charging units on the market. As a result of this experience, SNDC ECOCLIM has decided to begin designing, developing and manufacturing its own units at its facilities in Toulouse.

Technician training

SNDC ECOCLIM Offers Technician Training

In accordance with current legislation, any technicians working on HVAC systems installed in cars, agricultural machines, earth-moving machinery or other vehicles must be appropriately qualified and certified. As a certifying body, SNDC ECOCLIM offers training for the necessary aptitude tests.

Full Speed Ahead for Air Conditioning

Full Speed Ahead for Air Conditioning

Over the past few years, air conditioning maintenance has become increasingly routine as ever more vehicles feature air conditioning as standard. As a result, equipment manufacturers are finding increased demand from independent repair shops for specialist tools.

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